Why choose Radiant Outfitters?

The heart and soul of a heated floor is the QUALITY of the tubing and the service behind it. When Radiant Outfitters was seeking a supplier of floor tubing our first requirement was QUALITY at a moderate price. We realize and care that the tubing is usually being poured into CONCRETE. Many competitors only look at price, who can sell at the lowest price. If you’re interested in “Guaranteed Lowest Prices” than we aren’t the answer. Educate yourself on the differences in tubing quality before you buy!


The facts on Quality of floor tubing

  • Pex tubing comparison.
  • Evolution of tubing.
  • What is coefficient of linear thermal expansion?
    • This very important, all plastic tubing grows in length as you run warm water through them. Plain Pex (no aluminum ) grows 8 times more than our Pex-Aluminum-Pex. The aluminum sleeve gives better stability than plain plastic.
  • How easy does the tubing layout?
    • Pex-Al-Pex stays where you bend it! Pex has a memory and tries to recoil itself as you fight it. Pex is like tying down a slinky!
  • Radiant Outfitters is proud to offer tubing we import from Belgium. Many companies prefer not to mention where their tubing comes from.
  • You only want to pour concrete once so it makes no sense to try to save $200.00 on your project with cheap quality tubing.

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